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Why Choose Obsessive Auto Detailing

Mobile Service ● IDA & Opti-Coat Certified Detailer ● Superior Products ● Monthly Maintenance Plans ● Eco-Friendly & Low Water Usage

International Detailing Association Certified Detailer

The International Detailing Association is the leading industry association for professional detailers. IDA Certified Detailers are tested and demonstrate the mastery of the knowledge and skills needed by the detailing professional. Earning the Certified Detailer designation places a detailing professional among a group at the top of their profession. Certified Detailers have not only demonstrated competency, but they have shown determination and commitment in completing the certification process. They believe strongly in improving themselves and their profession. IDA Certified Detailers abide by a code of ethics committing to professionalism, the customer, legal compliance, contribution to the industry and protection of the environment.

Optimum Opti-Coat Authorized & Certified Detailer

We are authorized and certified installers of Optimum Polymer Technologies' Opti-Coat line of professional ceramic coatings. We've attended multi-day in-person training and certification classes and are skills validated by the manufacturer. Opti-Coat ceramic coatings are the best available on the market. They are a true permanent coatings never needing reapplication. Higher standards in training, certification, and product quality means a better result and value for the customer.

Monthly Maintenance Plans

If you are someone that wants to always have a clean vehicle, consider enrolling in one of our Monthly Maintenance Plans. Your vehicle will be maintained by us once monthly avoiding the need to visit car washes or pay for periodic full detailing. We take care of your vehicle's detailing needs inside and out, including ongoing application of waxes, sealants, protectants, stain removal etc. as long as you are on the plan but excluding specialty services such as paint correction and restoration services. Choose between Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Plans.

Proper Procedures And Techniques

Part of being a professional is completing the job properly and with the right techniques. If a towel touches the ground it will never touch your vehicle again. Towels, brushes, buckets, wash media and solutions used on your wheels and tires are not used elsewhere on the vehicle to avoid brake dust contamination, scratching, swirling and marring. Paint, glass, interior plastics, and infotainment screens are cleaned with dedicated towels using the proper products for each surface. Our pressure washers are configured for low pressure output for the safety of your paint. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned between vehicles and new wash solution is used along with the softest and non-abrasive wash media available.

Highest Quality And Safer Products For Your Vehicle

We use the safest water-based professional detailing products on the market. The products we utilize are specifically designed to be safe for all vehicle surfaces. We never use acids, harsh chemicals, or petroleum based treatments on your vehicle as they prematurely age and damage your vehicle's surfaces. Our products are better for your car's paint, plastics, fabrics, leather and rubber. Our products leave behind no residue grease, or artificial appearance. We offer waxes, synthetic sealants and ceramic sealants from Optimum Polymer Technologies ranging from five months to 12 months of durability. We offer the best ceramic coating products on the market from Opti-Coat with 3 year to Lifetime guarantees.

Like New Appearance, Longer Lasting Clean And Protection

We use treatments that leave your vehicle's surfaces with a like new appearance. All of our products are water-based and contain only material safe ingredients. Our products provide superior UV protection and repel dirt, dust and stains to help keep your car clean and protected longer. If you've ever seen a car left with white wax residue or a greasy dashboard, rest assured that you won't have to worry about that with us.

Eco-Friendly, Low Water Usage

We safely and thoroughly clean the average car with less than ten gallons of water using the latest auto detailing technology while providing a deeper and safer clean than older methods. Low water usage prevents run-off into storm drains and helps to conserve water in our desert climate. All cleaning is done by hand using gentle products, with as little water usage as possible and without the need for harsh, polluting chemicals and soaps.

Upfront Pricing, No Surprise or Hidden Fees

Our flat rate pricing is posted on our pricing and services page. In the rare event that there is an up-charge for the situations detailed on our pricing page, the fees are disclosed upfront for your approval before work begins. We are perfectionists and if we spend extra time on your vehicle to bring it up to our high standards, we do so at no extra charge. There are no surprise up-sells. We don't have mobile service fees, charges for travel time or mileage, generator usage charges, gas surcharges, or any undisclosed additional fees.

Licensed And Insured

We are licensed to provide Mobile Auto Detailing services in Nevada and carry business and liability insurance for our customer's protection and peace of mind. Nevada Business License number NV20201886008. Las Vegas Business License number G68-06333. Clark County Business License number 2007707.081-121.

Credit Cards And Digital Pay Services Accepted

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover at no extra charge. We also accept Zelle, Venmo and Cash payments for your convenience.