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"Amazing job, very professional, and great customer service. Will definitely use again. Had my SUV detailed after months of using it for construction work. He was able to take car of everything in the parking of my apartment complex with no mess or hassle to my neighbors. Looks better than when I picked it up from the dealer. Afterwards, Don took the time to tell me how to make the protectant last 9 months through the summer so paint won’t fade, pointed out some other things on it that would help the car look better and where I could get them at. It was the exterior  window side paneling that was sun damaged and cracking. The other was Velcro for the back seats to make the seat folding covers stay properly. Really grateful for his work and taking the time to suggest some things. Hope you get a lot of business, and your reputation grows. Thanks."

"Today Don took great care with my car and I swear it looks better than when I purchased it! He takes pride in doing an exceptional job…highly recommend!"

"I had my car detailed by Obsessive Auto Detailing, and I couldn’t have made a better choice! I was thrilled with how clean the interior was. Would definitely use this company for all my future car detailing needs."

"Don did an EXCELLENT job. I just moved to Las Vegas and I chose him because of the reviews and pictures on his website. I was not disappointed! He made my Ford Expedition look better than when I bought it from the dealer! He takes pride in doing a Great job! I bought my car 6 months ago and it has been throw ski trips and traveling to many different states while caring two dogs. Don was able to make this car sparkle inside and out. He also told me how to maintain the car in between visits to him! I will definitely be a regular customer, bringing him both my cars, and recommending him to others."

"My 2013 Allroad was absolutely filthy from the drive to Las Vegas from the Bay Area, along with all the construction dust on our street (half our block is still being built). I found Obsessive Auto Detailing in the dealer locator for Opti-Coat since I have their Pro+ coating. Don spent over 2 hours in 110 degree heat doing a full exterior detail, decontamination, and interior detail. Car looks better than before the drive!"

"A wonderful "spa" day for a very dirty Jeep Grand Cherokee. I drive to Cali or Utah almost every weekend, so the vehicle gets dirty, both inside and out. They did a great job on the outside and made the inside look as good as new. Thinking this is Father's Day gifts for every Dad in the family. Prompt, courteous, and clean...I will use this company again!"

"All I can say is AMAZING! Car was cleaner than when we bought it from the dealership. You can tell he takes great pride in what he does. His quote was very fair and priced well for the cleaning he had to do on my car. We opted for detailing interior and exterior. There were some stains on the interior roof of my car from crayons and he got it out! Once again, I would recommend to anyone, any day of the week! Will definitely use again."

"Don does amazing work, a master Detailer. Showed up on time, knows what he’s doing. Full on meticulous detail, every nook and cranny. Looks better today than when I drove it off the lot. Fixed a scratch, not even noticeable! The windows sparkle. Appreciate your passion and care of my truck. If you want it done right, I highly recommend Don and Obsessive Auto Detailing."

"I could not be more happy with the work that Obsessive Auto Detailing did with my Kia Soul today! The car looks cleaner than the day I bought it! I cannot believe how well the Ozone treatment worked for smell, The car had been smoked in for years and they completely neutralized that and any other smells! The price is extremely fair, especially considering They spent 5 hours in the blistering Las Vegas heat on it! I am beyond impressed, great job, and I will be a returning customer!"

"Don was on time, professional and took his time. I wanted and got a full detail (inside and out), paint sealant, wax/clay bar treatment. Price was well worth the job he did. After he finished, he gave me lots of helpful information to protect the paint on my vehicle and left me with a cool little gift bag. Car looks brand new and I don’t really want to drive it now. My girlfriend’s car is next!"

Don is a rock star. Nobody else in this town will detail my car again. If you want quality you have to pay for it. See you soon sir!

Amazing!!! Don did such a wonderful job with my 2016 Civic. I previously had a service dog that went everywhere with me and this had taken a toll on my car. After Don's detailed cleaning you can barely tell that a dog practically lived in my vehicle. I feel like I have a brand new car!! Hands down best auto detailer in town, beautiful work and I couldn't be more pleased. Worth every penny.

"Very good detail….one of the best I’ve encountered. Don is very good at his craft. I will be using him again because he NOW is my go-to auto detailer. Thanks Don!"

They did an awesome job with my wife’s Mercedes SUV and even got out the tough stains on the leather interior. It’s like a brand new car. Great value. Highly recommend!!

"Don did an outstanding job on my SUV. Both the inside and out. He was able to remove an older set dog urine stain on my front passenger seat, as well as the odor from yrs. Of cigarette smoke . The interior had not been cleaned in almost a year due to my declining health and as time krept by, I became too embarrassed to take it and get it done. He came to my home and did all the detailing right in my driveway . Don uses all professional tools and products almost no water used . What he uses repelled dirt and My SUV has been pristine for almost a month now. Give OBSESSIVE a call you won't be disappointed !Tell him BAM sent you!!"

"Obsessive Auto Detailing just finished detailing my  car. He arrived about 4 minutes early and worked non-stop for about five (5) hours.  My car looks like it did when i bought it new. Very very impressed and Don definitely aims to please.  I strongly recommend him.  It also is so nice to support our local small businesses."

"Thank you, Don! My car was a disaster -- sitting under a tree on the East Coast since January, then collecting dirt on its way here. Don made my car look as good as new. I love it!"

Don detailed both our cars and did a terrific job. Very pleased with the results. Don himself is a real professional; you can tell he knows his business. Definitely plan to use him again.

Don did a fantastic job detailing two of my cars. I highly recommend his services, especially if you have a car on the Sun all the time, he can use products on the premium service to help your car stay protected.

Just had a great job done on 2 cars, right in my driveway. Call Don Owner-Operator Obsessive Auto Detailing LLC www.obsessive.vegas 702-626-0949

Super friendly and did an amazing job!

The car looks amazing. I couldn’t be more happy and satisfied with the detail. If anyone is looking to get their car done, Don is the one to go to! Thanks again!

Car came out great! Thanks Don

"Wow man you do amazing work the van looks unbelievable."

"Don detailed my Malibu this morning  and did an excellent job. ***** (five stars) I am amazed at how beautiful it looks - inside and out!"

"Don does excellent work. We have 3 dogs and young kids in car seats. I thought our van was past the point of no return. He spent 5 hours cleaning it, and it looks like a whole new van! Couldn’t be happier with the results."

"Don showed up early and took really good care of my car :)! He was very informative and I hope his business continues to grow. He definitely has a passion for this type of work."

"Don showed up 10 mins early which is a plus. Very polite and courteous. Don takes time to explain his process and provides tips to keep car looking great. Spent almost 3 hours on outside full exterior detail of my car and it looks brand new. Great attention to detail, I am very happy. Will definitely use again."

"On time, nice person. We upgrade to full detail, and he worked for over five hours. The car looks fantastic. I can see my reflection and house in the paint like it's a mirror. Wheels, wheel well and brakes look new. Stain in the carpet and oil stain in the trunk gone too, which I didn't think was possible. The process uses little water, so he's eco-friendly. We are going on his maintenance program."