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Essential Detail

Essential Detail

Our Essential Detail Package offers 6 months of sun and environmental protection and unmatched attention to detail. We take care of everything your car needs including detailing of often overlooked areas that elevate the final product.

All work completed on your vehicle is performed by an IDA Certified Detailer.

Full Detail Service Time is 3-3.5 Hours.

We Come To You! Service is Performed at your Home or Business.

Full & Exterior Detail:

Full & Interior Detail:

Full Detail $200

Exterior Only $150

Interior Only $150

Deep Clean Interior Package +$50

Clay Bar Treatment +$25

Minivan Interior +$25

Premium Detail 1 or 3 Year Ceramic Coating

Premium Detail

Premium Detail adds a high gloss 1 Year or optional 3 Year Ceramic Coating, Deep Clean Interior Package and Clay Bar Treatment.

Ceramic Coatings keep your car cleaner between washes, better resist chips, scratches, sun and environmental damage saving time and maintenance costs.

Full Detail Service Time is 4 Hours.

Premium Detail adds:

Full Detail $350

Exterior Only $300

Optimum Paint Guard 3 Year Ceramic Coating (Includes One-Step Paint Correction and Gloss Enhancement) +$400

Signature Permanent Opti-Coat Pro Ceramic Coating

Signature Detail

Signature Detail adds Opti-Coat Pro Permanent Ceramic Coating.

Opti-Coat Pro protects for the lifetime of your paint and never needs wax or reapplication. It offers the highest durability, gloss, shine and environmental resistance.

Full Detail Service Time is 7 Hours.

Signature Detail adds:

Full Detail $1050

Exterior Only $1000

Opti-Coat Pro+ 2 Layer Coating with 7 Year Warranty +$500

Opti-Coat Pro3 4 Layer Coating with Lifetime Warranty +$2000

Maintenance Detail

Maintenance Detail

Maintenance Detail for vehicles detailed by Obsessive Auto Detailing within the last 60 days. Includes maintenance of items in original performed detail.

Full Maintenance Detail $125

Exterior Maintenance Detail $100

Minivan Interior +25

*Maintenance Detail is for well maintained vehicles

Ceramic Coatings
Opti-Coat Ceramic Coating Authorized and Certified Installer

Permanent Ceramic Paint Protection.

Opti-Coat Pro maintains and enhances the appearance of your vehicle. It protects paint, plastic trim, headlights, wheel faces and glass. Once applied no additional protective products or reapplication are required. 

It helps keep your car clean longer between washes saving time and maintenance costs. It protects from UV, chemicals, and environmental contaminants. It is made from Silicon Carbide (SiC) industrial diamond which hardens paint increasing chip and scratch resistance.

Opti-Coat Pro3

Opti-Coat Pro+

Opti-Coat Pro

Optimum Paint Guard

Optimum 1 Year Ceramic

Opti-Glass Pro

Opti-Guard Interior

Paint Correction

Paint Correction and Gloss Enhancement

Paint Correction and Gloss Enhancement removes most minor imperfections from automobile paint such as scratches, swirls, marring, haze and environmental damage. It is sometimes referred to as polishing or buffing. It improves paint appearance, restoring and enhancing paint shine, gloss, and luster. Multi-Step Paint Correction is available by quote. Paint Correction is included with 3+ year ceramic coatings.

Full Vehicle Paint Correction and Gloss Enhancement is a $200 add-on to Exterior Detail.

Scratch Removal

Scratch Removal

We can remove light scratches, scuffs, paint transfer, and other imperfections from your vehicles paint. This service is priced per panel. If your vehicle has multiple areas needing repair, please see our full vehicle Paint Correction service.

Per-Panel Scratch Removal is $50 for the first body panel, $25 each additional panel if completed during any Detail Service.

Water Spot Removal

Water Spot Removal

If you have unsightly water spots on your paint, glass, or wheels, we can remove them permanently and safely.

We use a chemical removal process that is safe for all vehicle surfaces including paint, glass, rubber and plastics. It dissolves embedded minerals on the vehicle surface. If minerals have etched into the paint, Paint Correction may be required.

Water Spot Removal is a $75 add-on to Exterior Detail.

Ozone Odor Remediation

Ozone Odor Remediation

Our high powered ozone generation machine can remove most odors from your vehicle including smoke and pet odor. Deep Clean Interior Package is recommended, but not required, before ozone treatment to remove the source of the odor. It is highly recommended that the cabin air filter be changed immediately after service. Please allow approximately 1 hour for service time.

Ozone Order Remediation Service is $50 if completed during any detail service or $100 for a standalone forty five minute treatment.

Windshield and Glass Coating

Windshield & Glass Coating

Opti-Glass Pro increases visibility during inclement weather driving. It increases chip, scratch and mar resistance and protects from water staining. Water beads and slides off the glass. This coating allows you to significantly reduce the use of windshield wipers.

Opti-Glass Pro is $150 Installed

Trim Restoration

Trim Restoration

Our Trim Restoration process permanently restores and protects your faded, oxidized, or sun damaged black plastic trim. It utilizes a clear hybrid resin and special dye additives to restore faded and oxidized trim back to a like-new factory appearance. It helps prevent future fading and provides long term protection. We can also apply the coating on new or undamaged trim to prevent future fading and damage. Vehicles with large amounts of trim i.e. Chevrolet Avalanche are an extra fee.

Trim Restoration is $150 with Exterior Detail or $200 standalone.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

We can repair your yellowed, oxidized, or sun damaged headlights to like-new appearance. After repair we seal the lights with your choice of a 1 year coating or a permanent coating to prevent further yellowing and oxidation.

Headlight Restoration for two headlights is $100 with 1 year protective coating, or $150 with permanent protective coating.

Headlight restoration near me Las Vegas Henderson Summerlin North Las Vegas
Trim restoration near me Las Vegas Henderson Summerlin North Las Vegas

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* Additional charges:  Our prices are flat rate except in extreme cases such as heavily soiled, muddy, or stained vehicles, lifted vehicles, custom modifications, vans  or commercial vehicles, excess trash or personal items removal, excess pet hair, or biohazards.

* Service Time: Service time estimates are for average size and condition vehicles. Allow extra time for larger vehicles and vehicles needing extra work or services. Our detail work is thorough and complete and takes time to do properly so please allow adequate time for service completion.

* We accept Cash, Credit Card, Zelle and Venmo payments. We do not accept checks. Payment is due upon completion of work.