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Opti-Coat Ceramic Coatings FAQ

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What is Opti-Coat Ceramic Coating?

Opti-Coat Pro is a Silicon Carbide (SiC) ceramic coating designed to protect paint and other vehicle surfaces. It permanently bonds to the factory paint offering protection for the lifetime of the paint. Opti-Coat repels water, increases gloss, shine and luster, increases hardness, chemical resistance, chip and scratch resistance, and keeps your vehicle cleaner between washes. Opti-Coat Pro/Pro+ are 100x thicker than waxes and sealants. Pro3 is over 400x thicker. It only requires one application of Opti-Coat to protect for the lifetime of the paint.

How does Opti-Coat compare to other Ceramic Coatings?

The primary difference between Opti-Coat and other ceramic coatings is the chemical composition, durability, longevity and maintenance requirements. Opti-Coat is a true permanent coating made of Silicon Carbide (SiC). SiC is also known as carborundum or moissanite and sometimes referred to as industrial diamond. SiC has a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale. Most other ceramic coatings are based on Silicon Dioxide (Si02). Si02 is also known as industrial quartz or silica and has a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale. SiC is roughly four times the hardness of Si02. Other coatings sit on top of the paint in a resin containing Si02 nano particles and don't form a seamless layer. These types of coatings wear away and need periodic refreshers or toppers to maintain effectiveness and refresh the nano particles. In comparison Opti-Coat chemically crosslinks into the paint forming a permanent seamless layer of SiC ceramic clearcoat that lasts and protects for the lifetime of the paint.

How does Opti-Coat compare to Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film and Opti-Coat ceramic coatings are both great ways to protect your vehicle and both products can be installed on your vehicle for extra protection. Paint Protection Film is better at protecting against larger impacts and abrasions than Opti-Coat, but Opti-Coat is better at just about everything else and still has very good chip and scratch resistance as it is 100x harder than paint. Both PPF and ceramic coating can be installed on the vehicle, but If you are choosing between PPF and ceramic coating, we think ceramic coating is the better choice. PPF detracts from the look of your paint and is subject to rips, tears, holes, collects dirt on the edges, is more difficult to wash, and does nothing to help keep your car looking clean between washes. In comparison, Opti-Coat makes your paint look better, provides extreme chemical resistance, helps keep your vehicle clean between washes, makes it easier to wash, and can protect your entire vehicle including glass, trim, lights and even your car's interior.

What is the difference between Opti-Coat Pro, Pro+ and Pro3?

Pro is a single layer coating with an appearance similar to high quality carnauba wax. Pro+ is a dual layer coating with additional hardness, slickness, higher gloss and luster. Pro3 is is a four layer high gloss coating with a deep shine and luster. It is four times thicker than Pro/Pro+ and more durable with a newer advanced chemical composition.

What is the difference between Optimum Paint Guard and Opti-Coat Pro line of ceramic coatings?

Optimum Paint Guard is Optimum's entry level ceramic coating whereas Opti-Coat Pro coatings are the top tier permanent professional ceramic coatings. It is better than most other coatings on the market but slots below Opti-Coat Pro. Optimum Paint Guard is a 3 year coating whereas Opti-Coat can be had with 5 year, 7 year, or Lifetime warranties. Optimum Paint Guard has a similar appearance and gloss level as Opti-Coat Pro but less durability, longevity, chemical resistance, and warranty.

How long does it last?

Opti-Coat Pro, Pro+ and Pro3 bond permanently for the lifetime of your vehicle's paint. They never need reapplication, toppers, or refreshers. They are one of the only true permanent coatings on the market. Optimum Paint Guard is guaranteed for 3 years but it is not as durable and chemically resistant as the Opti-Coat line of ceramic coatings.

Can Opti-Coat be removed after installation?

Opti-Coat permanently bonds to paint but it can be fully removed without damage to the factory paint.

What is the warranty?

All Opti-Coat ceramic coatings have a nationwide warranty backed by Optimum Polymer Technologies and can be serviced at a nationwide network of Opti-Coat installers. Pro has a 5 year warranty, Pro+ has a 7 year warranty and Pro3 has a Lifetime warranty. Full warranty is available to vehicles 5 model years or newer. Vehicles 6-10 model years old receive a 3 year warranty on Pro/Pro+ and 5 years on Pro3. Vehicles older than 10 model years are not eligible for warranty coverage. Optimum Paint Guard has a 3 year warranty for vehicles 10 model years or newer. Opti-Guard interior coating has a 5 year warranty.

Will it void my car's manufacturer warranty?

No, installing Opti-Coat has no impact on a car's warranty.

How long does it take to install?

It takes less than one day to install Opti-Coat. We start installations in the morning and your car will be ready to drive in the late afternoon

What is the installation process?

We start by evaluating the paint condition and measuring paint thickness with a special paint meter. The vehicle is hand washed with a degreaser and rinsed. It is mechanically and chemically decontaminated with clay and iron remover. After rinsing, a mineral deposit remover is applied to the vehicle and it is hand washed a second time to remove all decontamination chemicals. The vehicle is then polished with a machine to enhance the appearance, remove most scratches, swirls, and paint defects and to provide a clean, level surface for coating application. After polishing, we apply a special paint preparation solvent for the final prep of all surfaces. After full prep is complete, the coating is applied by hand with approximately 30-45 minutes between coats. One hour after the final coat is applied, we apply a temporary ceramic sealant to protect the coating during the final curing process. This temporary sealant allows the car to be driven, and even be exposed to rain, one hour after installation. Included with Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coatings, one to two weeks after installation, we will return to perform a hand wash and quality check and to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the installation.

Do I need to bring my car to a shop for installation?

No, our mobile detailing van comes to you at your home or business in Las Vegas, Summerlin or Henderson. We arrive at the scheduled time in the morning and your car will be ready to drive in the late afternoon. Simply provide us with a driveway or private parking lot with adequate room to work and we'll take care of everything.

What is the difference between Obsessive Auto Detailing installing Opti-Coat and other detailers selling other brands of ceramic coatings?

We have received in-person training, certification and skills validation from the manufacturer and we are an official authorized dealer of Opti-Coat products. We perform proper prep work without taking any shortcuts. We are installing a name brand professional level coating, made in the USA with long term proven results and independent scientific testing. We are installing a coating with a nationwide warranty backed by the manufacturer. We are installing a real permanent product with better chemistry that won't need reapplication and provides superior protection. Installation is reported to CARFAX helping with resale value and auto insurance coverage.

Do you coat the glass, plastic trim and lights?

Yes, we can coat your glass, plastic trim, headlights, taillights, and even your vehicle's interior. In comparison to other installers who install regular ceramic coating designed for paint on all surfaces, we use specially formulated coatings made specially for each specific vehicle surface. We install Opti-Glass, Opti-Trim, and Opti-Lens on the respective surfaces. This increases costs, application time and complexity for us as the installers but provides you with greater durability and a higher level of protection.

What maintenance is required?

The only maintenance required is regular washing. A yearly decontamination wash is recommended but not required for Pro, Pro+, and Optimum Paint Guard to maintain the warranty or protection. However, Pro3 requires a yearly decontamination wash and inspection to maintain the Lifetime warranty. If the yearly decontamination wash and inspection are waived, the Pro3 warranty is shortened to 7 years.

How should I wash my car?

The best method to wash your car is by hand with Optimum No Rinse. We can do this for you or show you how to do it yourself. It is easier and safer than traditional wash methods. Otherwise, any touch-free automated car wash can be used. Avoid using any automated car wash that physically touches the vehicle with cloths or brushes.

Do I still need to wax or use a paint sealant?

No, Opti-Coat replaces the need for waxes and sealants and provides far superior permanent protection for the life of your vehicle's paint.

How does Opti-Coat compare to car dealer installed coatings?

Car dealer coatings sold in the Finance & Insurance office when you buy a new car are typically just temporary paint sealants backed by an insurance policy. The dealer may or may not apply a temporary sealant with a longevity of 3 to 6 months. They are not permanent and fully chemically resistant coatings applied by a trained installer like Opti-Coat. With Opti-Coat you get real lifetime paint protection with a real warranty backed by the manufacturer of the product.

What is the difference between consumer and professional level ceramic coatings?

Professional level coatings like Opti-Coat have greater longevity, chemical resistance, and hardness than consumer level coatings. Professional level coatings are more difficult to apply, require skill and training, proper prep work prior to application, and are backed by a manufacturer warranty. Consumer level coatings are temporary with partial protection, Opti-Coat is permanent with chemical resistance to the full Ph scale.

What about the bottles of ceramic and graphene wax and sealants sold at auto parts stores?

Those products are standard waxes and paint sealants with small amounts of Si02 and/or graphene mixed into the formula. They typically have a longevity of 3-6 months and don't have the hardness, chemical resistance, gloss, luster, thickness, scratch or chip resistance of a professional level ceramic coating. We offer a 1+ year ceramic sealant upgrade to our detailing packages for those looking for more durability and higher gloss than standard sealants and waxes. It is far superior to what is available in stores and lasts a full 12 months but it is not comparable to a true ceramic coating like Opti-Coat or Paint Guard.

What are 9H and 10H hardness ratings?

9H and 10H are pencil hardness ratings. 9H and 10H are both the same level of hardness, just ratings on different scales. In comparison Opti-Coat is tested with a tungsten carbide needle, not pencil lead. Opti-Coat is much harder than a 9H or 10H pencil hardness rating.

What about scratch and chip resistance?

Opti-Coat is more than 100x harder than factory paint. It is scratch and chip resistant but not scratch and chip proof. Opti-Coat has many times the resistance to impacts and abrasions than factory paint or competing Si02 based ceramic coatings.

Is Opti-Coat installation reported to CARFAX?

Yes, when we register your Opti-Coat warranty is reported to CARFAX helping your resale value.

Is Opti-Coat coverage by auto insurance?

We report your Opti-Coat installation to CARFAX providing proof to your insurance company that a ceramic coating is permanent installed on your vehicle. If your vehicle is damaged and needs to be repainted, we'll work with your auto insurance or the at-fault party's insurance to cover the cost of applying Opti-Coat to repainted areas.

How much does Opti-Coat cost?

Opti-Coat installation including all prep, polishing, warranty and CARFAX reporting starts at $1000. Optimum Paint Guard Ceramic Coating starts at $600. Opti-Guard Interior Ceramic Coating is $600.

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Independent Lab Testing

Opti-Coat Pro coatings passed the Boeing and CSIRO tests for chemical and scratch resistance. Opti-Coat is tested for hardness and scratch resistance with a tungsten carbide needle. Opti-Coat is significantly harder than coatings being advertised as 9H and 10H on the pencil hardness scale. Opti-Coat was formulated by Dr. David Ghodoussi, who holds a PhD in Polymer Science from Oregon State University. He worked as an R&D chemists for over 12 years in the manufacturing of automotive paints before founding Optimum Polymer Technologies in 2001.

Boeing D6-17487T Test for Opti-Coat Pro

CSIRO XC3166 Test for Opti-Coat Pro

CSIRO XC3391 Test for Opti-Coat Pro3

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